What school should do to help your child

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Your child has a right to the help they need, to achieve their best at school.


Your child has the right to get the help they need, to be included at school, and to learn and achieve their best.

This section talks what you have a right to expect, in how your child’s school works with your child, and with you as their parent or carer. It gives examples of how the school should meet your child’s learning needs, as well as their emotional and cultural needs. And it explains the funding that the school might be able to get to help support your child, depending on their special needs.

This page explains what is on every page in this section. Click on the headings to go to that page.

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Schools must talk to parents and carers

You child’s school should be talking with you regularly about how your child is going, and how you and the school can support your child. This page talks about communication, and what might happen in meetings with the school.

The right help and learning for your child

By talking with you regularly, the school will better understand your child’s needs. They should make changes to how they teach your child, to help meet those needs. This page talks about different changes that schools can make to help your child at school.

Planning your child’s education journey

Every child has the right to get help, to do the best they can at school. Planning is a big part of this. This page explains how planning works, how you can have a say in it, and how it can help your child to achieve in their chosen path.

Respect for your child’s culture at school

When children’s special needs and culture are respected, they can feel more comfortable at school, and can focus on learning. This page has suggestions that families have made to their child’s school around respecting culture.

How support for special needs works in school

Schools are funded to support all of their students, including those with special needs. School can also get extra funding to help support their students who have a moderate to severe disability. This page explains how that works, and what it can and cannot be used for.

How your child’s school might apply for extra funding

If you think your child might need extra help in school, speak up. The school might be able to get extra funding to help support your child. This page explains the tests your child would need to do, if the school applied for that funding. It also explains how decisions are made about how the funding is spent, and how you can have a say.

Find out about the language of special needs and schools

Many parents and carers find the language used in schools and about special needs very confusing. Read out explanations of the key terms about special needs, schools, and the people who can help you and your child.