More information for the journey

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Information can help you and your child make choices and get the help you need, at every point of your journey.

Having a child with special needs is a long journey. Your child will need different kinds of help as they grow up.

No parent or carer can know everything they need for the journey ahead. The important thing is to know where to go for help and information when you need it.

This page explains what is on every page in this section.

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Key terms explained: special needs and disability

The language used by schools and support services can be confusing to many parents and carers. This page explains some of the main terms to do with special needs.

Key terms explained: people who can help

This page has a list of names of different professionals who can help your child and family, including those working in schools and disability services.

Key terms explained: schools

This page explains some of the main terms used about schools, including different types of schools, and some of the terms school use to talk about the help they give children with special needs.

Useful links

This page has a range of useful links to other websites with information about special needs and Aboriginal education.

The Learning Together resource

ACD also has a resource called Learning Together, with information for all Victorian parents and carers who have school-aged children with special needs. It has videos (with captions for Deaf and people who are hard of hearing) and much more information. Visit our Learning Together links page or the ‘Learning Together’ home page.

Other useful ACD resources