We Value your Feedback

At ACD we value your feedback about the services we provide and suggestions you may have on ways in which we can improve what we do. Providing feedback is entirely optional. You can call our office on (03) 9880 7000 or 1800 654 013 (rural callers only), send an email to or fill in our online feedback form.

In providing feedback about our services, the following sentence starters may be helpful

Statement 1 – I was happy with the assistance I received from ACD because…
Statement 2 – The worker was helpful because ….
Statement 3 – I think ACD could improve its service by ….
Statement 4 – The support from ACD meant that ….
Statement 5 – The best way for ACD to improve its service is to ….

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint about the services we provided, you are encouraged to contact the CEO. The following sentence starters may be helpful in framing your complaint:

Statement 1 – The time it took to provide me with assistance was ….
Statement 2 – The way that the ACD worker spoke to me …..
Statement 3 – I didn’t get the outcome I wanted because ACD …..

We undertake to treat your complaint as private and confidential, to respond within two working days and work towards resolution. You can request access to an independent advocate to assist with your complaint. If after consultation with us, you believe your complaint has not been addressed to your satisfaction and you wish to pursue the matter further through external organisations who can assist you such as:

The Department of Health and Human Services on 1800 783 783;
The Office of the Disability Services Commissioner on 1800 677 342;
or the Victorian Ombudsman on 9613 6222 or 1800 806 314.

Feedback/Complaints form

Use the form below to send us your comments about the website, our service or to get more information. Both positive and negative feedback is encouraged.
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Thank you – your feedback helps us to improve our service for children with a disability and their families.