What you can do to support your child’s journey

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It’s the school’s job to educate your child. But they need your help.


Every child has different needs. You know your child best. That’s why the school needs you, to share your knowledge about your child’s needs. In this section, families talk about how they have supported their child’s education journey.

Talking to the school can be real shame. This is sometimes the case for parents and carers who left school early, and who did not have good experiences at school due to racism. Whatever it was like for you at school, you can now help your child to be proud, stand up for their rights, and get the help they need to achieve in their chosen path.

This page explains what is on every page in this section. Click on the headings to go to that page.

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Supporting your child’s education journey

By talking with the school, you can help them support your child, including if your family is affected by hard times. This page talks about some of those challenges.

Help the school understand your child’s needs

By sharing your knowledge of your child, you help your child’s teachers to educate them the right way. This page explains different ways you can keep in touch with the school, and the help you can get to do it.

Get involved at school

By getting involved at school, you can build a strong relationship with your child’s teachers. As families explain on this page, this can really help, especially if your child is having a hard time at school.

Help for young people in secondary school and beyond

As they grow older, children need different kinds of help, and often want more of a say in their education choices. This page talks about helping your child choose their path and get the help they need at secondary school and beyond.

Your child’s path towards self-determination

By speaking up for your child at school, you are teaching the skills to speak up for themselves. This page talks about how to support your child to have a say in setting their own goals and choosing their own path in life.

Information for carers of children in out of home care

Communication and long-term planning are important for the education of children living in out of home care. Making sure sure these things happen can sometimes be a challenge for foster carers.

Find out about the language of special needs and schools

Many parents and carers find the language used in schools and about special needs very confusing. Read our explanations of the key terms about special needs, schools, and the people who can help you and your child.