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Family stories

  • A new journey for a new Australian – Maria’s story

    My son Lucas is just over two years old. He loves cars, trucks, his teddy bear, painting, and singing songs. He loves learning about the alphabet and numbers. He can’t seem to go anywhere without carrying his pillow and blanket. Lucas is a smart little boy, and he also has a developmental delay. I didn’t […]

    09 June 2021

  • What it’s like being me: an insight from young people with disability

    As parents of teenagers with disability, it’s easy to feel overly protective of our children and to assume we know what they want and need. As part of the research for our Teens and Beyond workshop, ACD partnered with Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) and asked young people with disability: What do you wish your […]

    09 May 2021

  • Thriving with a Behaviour Support Plan

    By the end of my son Eric’s time in Year 2, I felt like I was at my wit’s end. Suspended 10 times during the year, with constant phone calls from the school to come and pick him up and to speak about his behaviour, I felt upset and alone. Once I went to Eric’s […]

    13 April 2021