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Family stories

  • Raising a high-support needs teen with confidence

    As parents of a teenager with disability, we’ve gone through the highs and lows of our daughter’s development. When our 15-year-old daughter Celina was younger, things were difficult and there were lots of tears, strong emotions and high levels of stress in our family. Celina has level III – IV cerebral palsy, which means she […]

    07 September 2021

  • A mother caring for her crying son.

    A meltdown is NOT a failure

    Dealing with meltdowns has been such a regular part of my life for so long now that they cease to have the impact they did in the early days. I also look at them differently and hope to share that perspective with you. First, a little background about my journey into living with children who […]

    24 August 2021

  • Starting Prep with confidence

    My name is Sonya and my son Emre is nearing the end of kindergarten and will be going to Prep next year. Emre is such a happy little boy. He loves physical activity such as swim lessons and gymnastics. He plays on his iPad a LOT. He also loves his food and will eat almost […]

    10 August 2021