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Family stories

  • My journey through school to university

    Rachel High is a Board member, peer mentor, master of ceremonies, a keynote speaker and is the first person with Down syndrome in Australia to graduate from university. Rachel graduated last year with a Bachelor of Arts in screen studies and drama from Flinders University in South Australia. She has also published a research paper […]

    23 May 2022

  • Preparing for life post-school

    How do you define a career? I heard a quote recently that became my own personal game changer. It goes “a career no longer refers to a specific job or occupation. [It] includes a lifetime of experiences including life roles, education, training, paid work and unpaid work”. This quote became really important to me – […]

    26 April 2022

  • Behaviour support at school, 12 months on

    Last year I was seriously considering moving my 11-year-old son Eric to a different school. He was struggling with some of the other students’ behaviour towards him in the playground and it was affecting his own behaviour. But my beautiful boy turned to me and said “No Mum, I don’t want to change schools. I’m happy, I’ve got friends, and […]

    21 March 2022