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Family stories

  • Thriving with a Behaviour Support Plan

    By the end of my son Eric’s time in Year 2, I felt like I was at my wit’s end. Suspended 10 times during the year, with constant phone calls from the school to come and pick him up and to speak about his behaviour, I felt upset and alone. Once I went to Eric’s […]

    13 April 2021

  • Kerri and Tom sitting together at a table smiling.

    Thinking about my future

    ‘I’m excited to be finishing Year 12 this year and to get on with the next steps of my life – but I’m not sure about where to go next and what to do exactly.’ - Tom

    24 March 2021

  • Teenage boy in a wheelchair sitting at the kitchen table using a computer tablet to do school work.

    Keeping on track at school

    Our son Adam has autism and ACD first supported us with the transition from early intervention and kinder to mainstream school.

    02 February 2021