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Family stories

  • Behaviour support at school, 12 months on

    Last year I was seriously considering moving my 11-year-old son Eric to a different school. He was struggling with some of the other students’ behaviour towards him in the playground and it was affecting his own behaviour. But my beautiful boy turned to me and said “No Mum, I don’t want to change schools. I’m happy, I’ve got friends, and […]

    21 March 2022

  • A young mother sits at a park table with a colouring-in book. Her son sits in her lap.

    Diagnosis and community as a teenage mum

    When it comes to my son Charlie, I’m always preparing. No coffee table because he could bang his head. No sitting on the beanbag too long because he could get sores. No sitting on the couch too long or he might fall off. Put him in his at-home hospital bed in case of an asthma […]

    07 February 2022

  • A mother and son stand under a tree. They each have an arm around eachother and are smiling at one another.

    My 17-year-old autistic son caught COVID

    My 17-year-old autistic son with high support needs caught COVID at his causal job on New Year’s Eve. Three days later he had symptoms, a cough, fever and sore throat.  I put him to bed and amazingly he slept OK. My other son and partner were away camping.  We agreed they would stay away until the […]

    07 February 2022