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Two mums with young children having a chat at playgroup.

Connecting with other families

Getting to know other families with children with disability is a great way to build your information and support network.

Every family with a child with disability has travelled a unique journey, full of joys and challenges.

Connecting with other families who share similar experiences and who ‘get it’ can become a valuable source of emotional support and an important part of looking after yourself. Together you can share information and ideas, celebrate the joys and see how others approach challenges.

There are many ways to connect, so choose what works for you. You could meet in person, connect online or through a disability-specific group or association. Some groups provide information while others may offer emotional support or fun activities. It’s worth exploring what these groups have to offer as you navigate your child and family’s journey.

Joining a peer support group can help you feel more confident, capable and less isolated. Many families say it helps to smooth the road ahead and can lead to meaningful relationships throughout their child’s life.

There are also many opportunities to meet other families in your local community through groups, libraries, events and activities which are open to everyone.


Playgroups are a great way for parents and children to come together and have some fun. Playgroups are inclusive of all children. There are also a number of disability-specific playgroups, including PlayConnect for children with autism and playgroups with Auslan interpreters.

Find local playgroups

Strengthening Parent Support Coordinators

Strengthening Parent Support Coordinators across Victoria help families with children with disability connect with each other and provide information about local services and support. Contact the Coordinator near you for information about connecting with other families in your local area.

Find your local Parent Support Coordinator

MyTime groups

MyTime is for parents and carers of children with a disability, developmental delay or chronic medical condition. It’s a place where you can unwind and talk about your experiences. It’s a world away from appointments and therapy. A Play Helper is there to play with preschool children.

Find your local MyTime group

Podcasts and magazines

Too Peas in a Podcast, by mum’s Mandy and Kate who are both parents of twins with additional needs.

Listen to Too Peas in a Pod

NDIS Know-how Podcast, by mum Melanie whose young child is an NDIS participant.

Listen to Melanie’s podcasts

Source Kids magazine, founded by mum Emma

Source Kids – For parents, carers & professionals of children with special needs

Multicultural support groups

Vietnamese Families with Special Needs
Chinese Parents Special Support Network

Disability-specific organisations (A to Z)

ADHD – Parents for ADHD Advocacy
Angelman Syndrome Association Australia
Aussie Deaf Kids
Autism – Amaze
Autism – Yellow Ladybugs
Batten Disease Support and Research Association Australia
Brainwave Australia
Cerebral Palsy – CP Connect
Cri Du Chat Support Group
Deaf Children Australia
Dyslexia Victoria Support
Down Syndrome Victoria
Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder
Epilepsy Foundation
Fragile X Association of Australia
Genetic Support Network Victoria
Heads Together for ABI – Acquired brain injury
Kabuki Syndrome – Supporting Aussie Kids with Kabuki Syndrome (SAKKS)
Little Dreamers Australia – Young carers
Muscular Dystrophy Australia
Prader-Willi Syndrome Association of Victoria
Rett Syndrome Association
School Can’t Australia
Short Statured People of Australia
Siblings Australia
SPELD – Learning disabilities
SWAN – Syndromes Without a Name
Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia
Very Special Kids – Life threatening illness
Vision Australia
Vision Resource Centre