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December 2023

Leaving school a better place

Finding a supportive school has made all the difference for Angie and her son Liam, who lives with an extremely rare disability.  Liam was born 10 years ago in Canberra before moving to the United States; he was born with...Read more about Leaving school a better place

October 2022

I wish I’d known…

As a nurse and a mother, I learned quickly that I had both medical intuition and mother’s intuition. Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m the mum of three boys. My twins, Xavier and Alex, are six and they have cerebral palsy....Read more about I wish I’d known…

Mum is sitting with her two children at the park. Both have cerebral palsy and are sitting on her knee.

June 2022

Supporting my teenage girls

Isn’t it funny how you can raise two children just the same and yet they end up like chalk and cheese? Abigail is 15 and has autism, intellectual disability and ADHD. She’s a feisty, headstrong girl and when she has...Read more about Supporting my teenage girls

Three teenage girls sit at a park table smiling.

Navigating NDIS in rural Victoria

My son Noah’s got a big personality. He loves dancing, singing and water play. He also loves the Wiggles and was very upset when Emma left! Noah also has an intellectual disability, epilepsy, autism level 2-3, ADHD, low tone hypotonia...Read more about Navigating NDIS in rural Victoria

A mother, son and daughter sit on a sofa.

How I prepared and transiti­­­oned my son to Prep

It’s halfway through the school year and my son Yusuf is loving Prep. Although he’s non-verbal, he’s making happy grunting noises when it’s time for school. He really seems to feel safe and so full of joy. We’ve been getting...Read more about How I prepared and transiti­­­oned my son to Prep