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Mother helping her son to finish homework.

Working in partnership with your child’s school

Every child has the right to participate, learn and achieve at school. The best outcomes are possible when families and schools work together.

As a parent, you expect your child to have the best quality education your chosen school or setting can offer. You play an important role in helping to make that happen. By sharing your knowledge of your child’s abilities, strengths and needs with the school, you become a partner in their education. Your belief that your child will learn and progress at school can also inspire others with the same confidence.

How can I build a good relationship with the school?

Working in partnership with the staff at your child’s school is just like building any other relationship. It’s about good communication, mutual respect and empathy.

Think about which school staff can support your child, and build your relationships with them. Get to know your child’s classroom teacher or homeroom teacher at secondary school, the year level coordinator, the integration or welfare coordinator and others who can help your child.

Check in with them regularly, be supportive of their work, share information and ideas, get involved at school, and use every opportunity you can to stay in touch. This might include using a communication book, emails and parent-teacher meetings, school events and assemblies.

It’s worth putting in the time and energy to build these relationships when things are going well. Having a positive relationship with your child’s school can help if any problems arise.


Good communication between parents and schools is an essential part of working together. There are many ways to communicate with your child’s school. This can include formal meetings, parent-teacher interviews and a communication book as well as quick chats and email conversations. Find out what type of communication suits you both.

Being part of the school community

Families are important and valued members of the school community. When children and young people feel part of the school community they learn better. As well as learning new skills, a positive school experience also means being included, making friends and having a sense of belonging.

There are many ways to get involved at your child’s school such as helping in the classroom, going on excursions, joining committees and other activities. Not all parents are able to help out but for those who can, it’s another way to build a positive relationship with the school.

Getting involved at school can also help you to feel more included and able to make friends with other families that can help you support your child.

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