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Early years

Dad with toddler at occupational therapy.

Testimonial: "ACD first supported us with the transition from early intervention and kinder to school. It was great to touch base and check that we were doing all the right things to support our child." - Parent

Early years

During their early years children develop faster than any other time in their life.

The journey of identifying that your child has a disability and getting a diagnosis can be an emotional roller-coaster. Children do best when families are supported. Help is available for you and your family.

If your child has a disability, or is developing differently when compared with other children, then early intervention can help your child reach their potential.

Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) is part of the NDIS. It is specifically for younger children. You don’t need a formal diagnosis for your child to get early intervention.

Early Childhood Early Intervention can cover the cost of therapies and equipment that can help your child’s development.

This information will help you navigate the early years with confidence.