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Our people

Loving mother with son

Testimonial: "The great thing about having supports like ACD is that they actually have a lot of knowledge." - Parent

Our people

ACD is run by and for families of children with disability.

Our Board and staff bring both personal experience and diverse skills to the work we do supporting families.

At least 60% of ACD’s Board are people with disability or family members of children with disability.

ACD Board

President – Catherine Devine

Catherine is the mother of three young boys, one of whom has complex medical needs and disability. Catherine has a corporate background in marketing, communications and events.

Vice President – Mikel Dean

Mikel lives in regional Victoria with this family, including his young daughter with disability. Mikel has extensive executive management experience.

Secretary – Dr Ronelle Hutchinson

Ronelle is the parent of children with disability and a corporate director with experience in the health and education sectors.

Treasurer – Nicole Butera

Nicole is a chartered accountant and foster carer to children with disability.

Matthew Holland

Matthew works at the Level Crossing Removal Project and is on the Victorian Paralympic Football Team. Matthew has cerebral palsy.

Georgina Frost

Georgina is the mother of a young woman with learning disability. Georgina is a lawyer and board member in the legal, education and disability sectors.

Susan Stork-Finlay

Susan is the mother of two children with disability and has a disability herself. Susan is as an occupational therapist and disability advocate.

Eleanore Fritze

Eleanore is the parent of a child with disability and a mental health and disability rights lawyer and advocate.

Anita McKenzie

Anita is the parent of children with a disability. She currently works in community and stakeholder engagement. Anita has experience as a human resource manager in both the public and private sector.

Craig Anderson

Craig is the father of a young man with multiple disabilities. Craig has had a career in public and university libraries and served on a number of library industry related Boards.

Leadership team

CEO, Karen Dimmock
Educate Manager, Kylee Brealey
Support Manager, Carlie Lewis
Partnerships and Communications Manager, Heather Wallace