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Get out and about with a travel pass

6 November 2023

Getting out and about with the family can be a costly business and takes a lot of planning. So we’ve done some digging and have taken a closer look at three different Victorian travel passes, what they offer, and who’s eligible.

Access Pass

First up is the Access Travel Pass which is for people who can travel independently. It’s good to have if your or your child’s disability makes it difficult to touch on and off on public transport using myki.

With this pass, you can travel on Victorian public transport, and it comes with a lanyard and photo ID, so you don’t need to touch on or off. But you have to remember to carry it with you whenever you travel.

To get the Access Travel Pass you have to be a Victorian resident and have a permanent physical disability, cognitive condition, or mental illness. You must also find it difficult to touch on or off or remember to do so.

Vision Impaired Travel Pass

The Vision Impaired Travel Pass enables legally blind people in Victoria to travel for free on some public transport. You must be assessed as permanently legally blind by an opthalmologist or optometrist, and you must be a Victorian resident.

It’s valid on metropolitan trains, trams, buses, V/Line trains and coaches, regional town buses, and regional services that are contracted with Public Transport Victoria.

This pass is loaded onto a personalized myki card with the holder’s photo. You don’t need to touch on or off with it – just show it to public transport staff as requested. Again, carry it with you whenever you travel.

Wheelchair Travel Pass

If you or your child rely on a wheelchair or a scooter for mobility, then the Scooter and Wheelchair Travel Pass allows you to travel free on public transport. You can use it to travel on metropolitan trains, trams, and buses, as well as V/Line trains and coaches – but it’s a good idea to book ahead through the V/Line website. If you’re in regional Victoria, you can also use it on regional town buses and services contracted to Public Transport Victoria.

As well as depending on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility outside the home, you must also have a permanent disability and be a Victorian resident to be eligible for this travel pass.

So with the weather getting warmer, it’s a great time to apply for a travel pass and get out and about with your family.

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