What’s in Rock Solid

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A quick guide to what is in every section of Rock Solid.

Families share their experiences and knowledge throughout every section of Rock Solid. Click on the links below to go to the menu page for that section.

Early in the journey: before your child starts school

This section talks about the first steps that many families take, to find out about their child’s needs, and to get help even before their child starts school.

Choosing a school for your child

This section talks about how to go about choosing a school, the different school options, the move from primary to secondary, and what to do if you thinking of changing schools.

What school should do to help your child

This section explains what you can expect from your child’s school. It talks about how the school should work with you, what kind of help they can give your child, and how the funding works for children with special needs at school.

What you can do to support your child’s journey

You know your child best, and can help the school understand your child’s needs and educate them the right way. This section talks about the many different ways you can support your child’s education journey.

If there’s a problem at school

You have the right to raise a concern, whether you are unhappy about something at school, or worried about how your child is going. You can get help to raise your concerns, and to sort them out with the school.

More information for the journey

This is a long journey, and you can’t know everything you will need in times ahead. The important thing is to know where you can go, to get help and information when you need it. This section contains useful links to lots more information, and explanations of the key terms to do with special needs, schools and people who can help.

The Learning Together resource

We also have a resource called Learning Together, with information for all Victorian parents and carers who have school-aged children with special needs. It includes videos (with captions for Deaf and people who are hard of hearing) and much more information.


Published August 20, 2015 - Updated October 14, 2015