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Rock Solid is for Aboriginal families with school-aged or younger children with special needs in Victoria. Here, we use the term ‘Aboriginal families’ to include all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families.

Rock Solid covers some common themes that people in community have told us about. This information is for everyone – for Elders, for parents and carers, for young people themselves, and for everyone involved in caring for Aboriginal children.

An education journey

These pages are like stepping stones in your child’s journey through their education. We hope the information here helps that journey be acknowledged and respected. Some of this information you might already know. Some might be new to you, for example if your child is about to start school, or is moving from primary to secondary school.

In speaking to Elders to gather this information, we acknowledge the barriers that they themselves experienced in education, in times gone past. Now those Elders are involved in supporting young ones in their education. Like them, we acknowledge the importance of education in all its forms.

Finding information in Rock Solid

The menu on the left of this page has links to every page in Rock Solid. You can use it to find the stepping stone you are up to. Click on each section heading, and the names of the pages in that section will appear.

Or you can read through the next page, which tells you what is in every section of Rock Solid.

Understanding the terms

The terms used by schools and support services might be confusing to many parents and carers. Rock Solid uses some of these words too, in explaining how it all works. When we use one of those terms, it is in black and underlined. Click on it to go to a page that explains it and other key terms. Other web links are in purple and underlined.

About Rock Solid

Rock Solid has been developed through deep partnership with Aboriginal researcher and community advocate, Jody Barney. It weaves together community knowledge with information from the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD). It uses quotes, stories, ideas and language that aim to connect strongly with Aboriginal families.