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Learning Together includes three videos, with families sharing their tips and experiences.

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The videos are available with captioning for Deaf and hearing impaired viewers, and with subtitles in five community languages: Arabic, Chinese, Punjabi, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

For subtitled videos, please go to the section Information in community languages.

Choosing a school

In this video, parents and carers share their experiences of choosing primary and secondary schools for their children. Each family made quite different choices. One parent shares her experience of deciding that her teenage son’s school was not the right environment for him, and of finding a new and very different school, where her son is now thriving.


Helping to make school work for your child

In this video, parents and carers share their experiences of helping to make school work for their child. They describe how they have developed good relationships with their child’s teachers and school community, how they have encouraged the school to work with their child’s therapists, and how they have communicated their child’s needs to their teachers in effective ways.


Raising an issue with your child’s school

In this video, parents and carers share success stories of when they have raised and resolved an issue with their child’s school. They described raising issues in their child’s Student Support Meeting, going to the principal, writing effective letters, and getting support to raise a concern from an advocacy worker.