Supporting your child’s education journey

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Every child has the right to the help they need, to learn and take part at school.

Sending your child to school

If your child has special needs, it can be hard to think about sending them off to school. That’s how it was for Stacey, with her little one.

Your child needs your help and support to get to school, and to feel comfortable there. Whatever it was like for you, back when you were at school, you can now give your child a powerful message about how important it is to get their education.

Make sure your child gets the right help

Many children need extra help at school, so they can learn to the best of their ability. Some need a ramp, so they can get into the classroom. Some need to sit up close to the teacher, so they can hear, and focus on their work. Some need the teacher to explain things differently, so they can understand.

Every child has different needs, and you know your child best. That’s why the teacher needs you, to tell them about your child. Both you and the teacher have knowledge that will help your child, as Rodney says.

Reach out in hard times

Like anyone, families that include children with special needs might sometimes have hard times. For example, the family might have very limited funds. There might be changes at home, like parents separating, moving house or a parent losing their job. Or the family might be affected by grief and loss, drug and alcohol issues, family violence or child protection issues.

We acknowledge  the role of government and welfare policies, such as those that led to the Stolen Generations, in creating intergenerational trauma and loss that impacts on these experiences for many in community.

Community care is a big part of helping many families get through those times. There are also services out there that can help you, including respite services that can give you a break, or other services that can help you meet the ongoing needs of your child.

Hard times in the family can have a big impact on children with special needs, even if they don’t understand quite what is happening. You can get support to help your children through those times, from community care, from disability services or from school. It can help to let school know what is happening for your child and family, so the school can adjust how it supports your child during those times.

Be proud and support your child’s education journey

Talking to the school can be real shame. This is sometimes the case for parents and carers who left school early, and who did not have good experiences at school due to racism. Stacey sometimes finds it hard, but she’s deadset to make sure that her children’s schools give them the right help to get their education.

Rock Solid explains how you can support your child’s education. But you don’t have to do it alone. We also explain what support parents and carers can get, to help you work with the school and support your child.