Program for Students with Disabilities Year 6–7 Review

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If your child is on the PSD and in year 6, they might be required to undergo the Year 6–7 Review.

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Students who are on Level 1 to Level 4 funding under the PSD must undergo this review; those on Level 5 or 6 are exempt, whether they are in a specialist or mainstream school. Whatever level funding your child is on, there should be a detailed transition planning process, involving the primary school and your chosen secondary school.

The Year 6–7 Review is a major process – similar to the PSD application process – in which evidence of your child’s needs must be gathered, and an Educational Needs Questionnaire filled out. The review takes place in your child’s grade 6 year, or at the equivalent age if they are in a specialist school – usually the year they turn 12.

The principal (or their nominated staff member) is responsible for managing the review process and submitting your child’s review documents. The closing date for submission of Year 6–7 reviews is generally in May each year.


How the process works

The first step is to meet, early in the school year, with either the principal or your child’s Student Support Group (SSG), to discuss the requirements for your child’s review.

You may need appointments with one or more specialists, to obtain new reports about your child’s current support needs. If your child is on the PSD under the categories of Intellectual Disability or Severe Language Disorder with Critical Educational needs, they must be re-assessed by the DET Assessment service, Lewis & Lewis. Your child’s primary school should arrange this early in the year; there is no cost to you or the school.

  • For more information search the DET website under ‘Lewis & Lewis’.

Your child’s SSG will need to meet again to discuss the Educational Needs Questionnaire and complete the review; the primary school should arrange for relevant staff from your intended secondary school to attend this meeting. The primary school principal must submit the completed review documents online and in hard copy.


If you want your child to attend a specialist secondary school

Your child must be eligible for the PSD if you want them to attend a specialist secondary school. Your choice of the types of secondary school they could attend will depend on the outcomes of the Year 6–7 review. They will also need to meet the particular entrance criteria of your chosen school.

Some students who are eligible for PSD support in more than one category might require a change of disability category to be eligible for the specialist school you have chosen. If this is the case for your child, contact the Regional Disabilities Coordinator in your local DET regional office, early in the review process.


Possible outcomes of the Year 6−7 Review

The primary school principal is responsible for notifying you and the secondary school of the outcomes of your child’s review. There are two possible outcomes. Your child might still be considered eligible for the PSD, with adjustment to their level of funding if this is indicated by their Educational Needs Questionnaire. Or they might no longer be considered eligible; if this is the case, their funding will cease at the end of grade 6.

Whether or not your child remains eligible for the PSD, their primary school should then work with you, through the Student Support Group, to plan support for your child’s successful transition to secondary school. This should include another meeting in term 3 with staff from your chosen secondary school, to plan for transition and other needs. All secondary schools are required to provide an appropriate educational program for students with a disability, from within available resources – whether or not a student is on the PSD.


Appeals and re-appraisals

If your child is found to be no longer eligible for the PSD through their Year 6–7 Review, this decision can be appealed. Your child’s primary school principal must make an appeal to DET within 15 days of being notified of the outcome.

If your child is on the PSD and their needs change, or they require more resources to access the curriculum, the school can submit a ‘re-appraisal’ for them at any time.

  • For more information about appeals or re-appraisals, speak to the principal.


Preparing for the Year 6–7 Review

There are practical ways that you can help prepare for your child’s Year 6−7 Review:

  • request specialist or therapist reports during any relevant appointments leading up to the review. You can use these reports provided they are signed, and not more than one or two years’ old (depending on your child’s eligibility category – check the PSD guidelines).
  • Read over your child’s original PSD application; this might remind you of any ongoing issues that you can discuss with the Student Support Group when filling out the Educational Needs Questionnaire.

You may also need to prepare yourself emotionally, as the review – like the original PSD application – focuses on areas that your child finds most challenging at school. This can feel disheartening or overly negative to parents and carers; just remember that this review will help your child’s secondary school prepare to support them. Keeping this in mind might help, if the process becomes challenging.

For more information about the review process, check the PSD Guidelines, which are updated annually. Visit the DET website and search on ‘PSD guidelines’.