What I need at school: an Education Support Planner

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How to use this document

This template aims to help you produce a summary of your child’s learning and support needs. It is intended to be short, for easy reference by any staff who have contact with your child. It is in addition to key documents including your child’s individual learning and support plan, reports or assessments.

It is provided as a Word document so you can download it, and adapt it to your child’s needs. Text in the right column suggests types of information you could include – delete it and write the relevant information about your child. Delete sections that are irrelevant to your child, or add new ones. You could adapt and add to this document each year and distribute it to all relevant staff, and have copies on hand for substitute teachers.

You can download this information as a Word document here:
What I need at school – an Education Support Planner (DOC 38KB)