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Every parent of a child with disability has travelled a unique journey, full of joys and challenges.

Peer support groups offer a ‘safe’ environment with people who understand your situation because they have also been on a journey.

Peers can help you problem solve the challenges, as they have also faced similar challenges. They will celebrate the joys and the gains with you; no matter how big or small.

Peer support can help you feel more confident, knowledgeable, capable, and less isolated.
ACD Connect Peer support groups were started with an NDIS focus in mind.

If you have attended ACD’s NDIS Planning Workshops and/or would like to continue to grow your NDIS knowledge and explore what is possible for your child, an ACD Connect Peer Support group could be the place for you.

Groups are run by an ACD facilitator who is also the parent of a child or young person with a disability. Meetings are held about once a month during school terms.

ACD has also partnered with a number of My Time groups, which offer peer support for parents and family carers of children under 18 who need a higher level of care than other children. ACD attends these groups once or twice each term to talk about NDIS issues.

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