NDIS releases ‘family centred’ approach to early childhood early intervention

The NDIS today released a paper outlining its approach to early childhood early intervention. Whilst general, the approach addresses the importance of flexibility and family involvement in early childhood intervention.

Every family, and every experience of disability, is unique. Therefore, it’s important that every plan for a child and their family under the NDIS reflects their unique needs and aspirations. However, to make the most of this, families continue to need to be supported to maximise the benefits they will receive from their package. This includes expert advice and local community knowledge.

Families are complex creatures with a range of challenges, not all of which can be met by the NDIS. It’s therefore important that families are given the information and opportunity to access the range of broader community supports available to them. Things like financial assistance programs, sibling support, education support, and emotional support for all family members. By maximising this, we can ensure that what is received under the NDIS can make the best impact.

For this reason, ACD is actively engaged in helping families prepare for the NDIS, and is working with a range of organisations providing services across Early Intervention and mainstream Child and Family  services, to see how we can support the entire family to make the transition to the NDIS a positive experience for them.

Click here to read the paper (it’s only 7 pages long)

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Click here to find out how ACD is supporting families make the transition to the NDIS

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Published February 26, 2016 - Updated February 26, 2016