Memorial gifts

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Donations in memory of a loved one are a way to honour and recognise their life while also helping children with a disability and their families who need support.

Making a donation or memorial gift

You can make a donation to ACD in memory of a loved one at any time using our online donation form.

You can choose to make a donation on a significant day each year or a one-off donation. All donors are sent a receipt and thank-you letter.

Gifts in lieu of flowers

If you would like family and friends to give a donation to ACD in lieu of flowers you can include this request:

Please send donations in lieu of flowers to:

Association for Children with a Disability (ACD)
Reply Paid 84584
Hawthorn VIC 3122

You can also contact us for donation forms and envelopes.

Support for bereaved families

ACD support is available to bereaved families through our ACD Support Line.

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