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Being a member of an organisation run by and for families means children with a disability are welcomed, included and supported by a network of like-minded people.
We are passionate and dedicated in providing thorough phone support and delivering education workshops throughout Victoria; free of charge to the families who need us.

Your involvement is pivotal to our ability to achieve the best results for children with a disability. We do this by representing our members to work towards achieving their equal rights and opportunities throughout Victoria, by influencing public policy and service delivery.

As much as we appreciate being able to offer support, education and influence alongside our members, what we truly value is making our members smile.

That’s why we always seek the best outcomes, to build partnerships and to collaborate with organisations to deliver fun events for families to enjoy.

So, to begin your journey and to be a part of empowering us to help more families in more ways than ever before, please click the button below.


We look forward to welcoming you to the ACD community.