Choosing a school for your child

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Choosing the right school for your child with special needs can be a big decision.


Choosing a school that suits your child will really help them to achieve their potential at school.

This section talks about all the different school options, how to go about choosing a school, and the big move from primary to secondary school. In this section, families share their stories of different types of schools.

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How to go about choosing a school

Different schools suit different children. It’s a good idea to look at a few schools before making the choice for your child with special needs. This page talks about how to go about that.

School options

Every child has the right to go to a mainstream school. Your child might also have the right to go to a specialist school. There are a few different types of specialist schools. This page talks about the main school options, and also some of the alternative pathways programs that young people can attend towards the end of their secondary schooling.

Moving to secondary school

The move from primary to secondary school is a big one for many children with special needs. This page talks about looking at secondary school options, and making sure your child gets the right help when they are in secondary school.

If you’re thinking of changing schools

If your child is having a hard time at school, there are things you can do to help sort it out. But sometimes, a move to a different school environment can be really positive. This page talks about what might be good to consider, if you are deciding whether to change schools.

Learn about the language used in schools

Schools can be like their own world, especially when it comes to funding and support for children with special needs. See our page explaining the key terms used in schools.