Building a partnership with school

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The best outcomes are possible for students when families and schools work together.

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Video: Helping to make school work for your child

Learning Together contains a range of information about schools and the support system, and how you can help to make school work for your child.

This section focuses on how to build an effective working relationship with your child’s school. In it we include many tips, stories and examples of what has worked for other families. These are provided for information and inspiration, but of course partnership and relationships are about individual people – you will have your own ways of making it work, in your situation.

See also:

  • Education planning for your child, which explains how your child’s school should work with you to tailor your child’s learning and supports over their many years in the education system.
  • Raising a concern with school, which explains what to do if you have a concern about any aspect of your child’s education, and how to be an effective advocate for them.
  • Tips for dealing with common challenges, in which we share tips and strategies for tackling some of the issues that parents and carers most commonly ask our advice about.


It’s all about relationships

Building a partnership with the staff at your child’s school is just like building any other relationship. Its about good communication, mutual respect and empathy. As the families interviewed for this resource show, it is really worth putting in the time and energy to build good relationships with the key staff at your child’s school.


Supporting your child’s learning

You know your child best. By sharing your knowledge of their abilities, strengths and needs with their school, you become a partner in their education. Your belief that they will learn and progress at school can also inspire others with the same confidence.

A key aspect of learning is becoming as independent as possible. Students need support to learn to speak up for themselves.


Looking after yourself and celebrating progress

Parents and carers share their experiences of looking after themselves, and taking time to celebrate how much they have achieved with their families.