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Learn about what life is like for children with a disability and their families and how to work in partnership with families at our Family Perspectives on Disability Professional Development Sessions.

These sessions are offered as part of training and professional development programs for service providers who work with children with a disability and their families  as well students and trainee workers.

Topics include:

  • Impact of disability on family life
  • Emotional impact of diagnosis on parents
  • Family expectations of service providers
  • Your link in the information chain for families
  • Working in partnership with families

Other sessions are available on ‘Understanding the Education System’ and ‘Through the Maze of the Disability Service System’.

Feedback from workshops:

“I walked away from the lecture wanting to strive higher to be a teacher [of the future] who can influence any student.” Student teacher

“Thank you for the opportunity to gain insight on your personal experience. It could never be learnt from a text book.” Student, occupational therapy

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