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Our history

Mother with her daughter who has autism and down syndrome.

Testimonial: "Families and their love for their children is the driving strength of how ACD came to be." - Parent

Our history

In 1980 a small group of families of children with disability met to try and stop the closure of a respite facility for children. They went on to establish the Association for Children with Disability (ACD).

What began from self-interest soon moved to a cause much greater as they tackled other issues affecting all children with disability. They had ideas about how the system and services could be improved. They worked collectively for positive change in the community.

These families were trail-blazers and led the way for others who would follow. These families hoped for a better future for their children.

Forty years have passed but many of the issues are still relevant today. Families then, and now, fought for:

  • Inclusive education
  • Early intervention
  • In-home help
  • Funding for assistive technology
  • Adequate respite

Our successes