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Our advocacy

Father and son.

Testimonial: "ACD worked with us to develop a strategy to access services and a plan to address the issues we were facing." - Parent

Our advocacy

ACD advocates for children with disability in a number of ways. 

Through our Support Line, workshops and information resources we empower families with the knowledge, skills and confidence to advocate for their child. 

We also raise issues that impact all children with disability and their families directly with key decision makers.

We do this by:

  • Meeting with key MPs and government ministers
  • Giving families the opportunity to talk directly to MPs and government ministers
  • Making submissions to royal commissions, government inquiries and reviews
  • Participating in a number of government advisory committees
  • Partnering with other organisations

Over the past 12 months we have:


  • Advocated for support for children with disability during COVID
  • Promoted inclusive local communities through our Local Government Action Plan


  • Public Accounts and Estimates Committee – Inquiry into the Victorian Government’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Roundtable on remote and flexible learning for students with disability
  • Joint Parliamentary Committee on NDIS


  • Review of the Victorian Disability Act
  • Victorian State Disability Plan 2021-2025
  • Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS – Independent assessments
  • Supporting young children and families to reach their potential (NDIA)
  • Review of the Disability Standards for Education (2020)

Advisory committees

  • Disability Inclusion Advisory Group (DET)
  • Disability Act Review Advisory Group
  • Roadmap to Reform Ministerial Advisory Group – Implementation Committee
  • Victorian Community Advisory Council NDIS