Students with disabilities in mainstream schools

8. What resources are available to support students with disabilities at school?

Student Support Services Officers (SSSOs)
Student Support Services Officers are a group of DEECD professionals who provide specialist support to students and schools, and may include:

  • Guidance officers or psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Visiting teachers
  • Speech pathologists
  • Curriculum consultants

Program for Students with Disabilities
The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) is available to Victorian government schools to support the education of eligible students who have moderate to severe disability.

The PSD funding allocated to the school may be used for a variety of supports including teacher professional development, specialised equipment, education support staff, specialist support such as occupational therapy, or a special needs co-ordinator. The Student Support Group may provide advice to the principal on the appropriate use of this funding.

Language Support Program
The Language Support Program is a framework for teaching oral language to students requiring additional support. Professional development is provided to teachers to develop skills to support students in the classroom. The Language Support Program also provides schools with resources to support the delivery of teaching and learning programs for students with language disorders.

Schoolcare Program
The Schoolcare Program is a joint project between DEECD and the Royal Children’s Hospital that provides additional support to teachers and school staff who teach students with complex medical needs.

Visiting Teacher Service
Most regions have a Visiting Teacher Service with expertise about specific disabilities, including hearing loss, physical and health disabilities and visual impairment. Check with your region for details about services and availability.

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