Students with disabilities in mainstream schools

4. What is the Student Support Group?

The Student Support Group (SSG) is a group of people who come together to form a co-operative partnership to support students with additional needs. The roles and responsibilities of the group are outlined in the Student Support Guidelines.

Members of the Student Support Group must include:

  • parent/guardian/carer
  • class teacher
  • principal or nominee
  • a parent advocate (if requested)
  • the student (where appropriate)
  • consultants as agreed by the group

An SSG is strongly recommended to any student with additional learning needs, irrespective of whether they are eligible for support through the Program for Students with Disabilities.

The focus of the SSG is not limited to the academic needs of the student. The group can also develop care plans for safety, access, behavioural, medical or personal care needs.

It is best to hold an SSG meeting early in the year and then regularly, such as once per term. Minutes of SSG meetings should also be recorded on the Program for Students with Disabilities Management System (PSDMS).

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